Thursday, December 17, 2009

Upcoming Videos

Hey Guys! Just wanted to make a list of videos I plan to do in the near future. Hopefully you will enjoy some of my ideas! Feel free to contribute any video ideas, at any time. :)

-Review: Philosophy Purity Cleanser
Obviously, this is just as it says. A review on my favorite facial cleanser than I use every day, morning and night!
-Tutorial: Candyman in Candyland
Ohhh, I'm excited for this one! I twitpic'ed a very bright colorful look a while back, and I am going to film a tutorial for it. It's using the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box! Can't wait for this one!
-Review: Zoya Base & Top Coat
I purchased these on Thanksgiving, and would love to review them for you. Give me a bit of time on this one though, because I need to use it several times before I can get a good feel on it.
-Review: Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
Again, just as it says. A Mascara Review.
-Review: Rare Minerals Skincare Collection
I just purchased the whole skincare line (for $60!) from I have previously used the facial moisturizer, and loved it, so I am very excited to try all of the other products as well!
Comparison/Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Liners vs. Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes
A comparison review! These are my favorites. If you watch my videos, you know I adore my UD 24/7 Liners! During the Sephora F&F Sale, I purchased a 5 set of the MUFE Liners. I know they are very comparable, so I want to put them side by side & let you know what the best option is out there.
-Favorites: December!
December is more than half way over already... Hard to believe. But that means it is almost 2010!
-Favorites: 2009
I think I am going to make a video about my favorite products of 2009. I know its not much different from the monthly favorites, but believe me, there are products that I have never stopped using since I purchased them, but haven't put them in my monthly favorites often because I don't want to be repetitive.
-Slideshow: 2009 Makeup Looks
I have a million and one pictures of my makeup on my computer, so I want to put together a slideshow of many of those looks!

Okay, I know it's a lot, but hey! I love making videos for you all, and I want you to know what wonderful makeup products are out there! Lots of reviews, which I'm excited for. I love doing reviews, but often don't. Expect to see these videos within the next few months. Some will come soon, and some will take a while. And as I said in the beginning, feel free to give me any ideas!

xoxo, Susan

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